Crèpes Delice was created by Yacine Choualeb. In 2005, when he was working on different markets around London.
After a great season, Yacine decided to start selling crèpes at various events across the South East. Kingston, Suton and Woking were his first Christmas markets. From the start the business flourished.

Within the first year, he had a partnership with different councils around London, the Tour de France in Tenterden, I Love Peckham and Southwark Festivals, the Soho Pride with Westminster, the Middlesex 9s tournament, Camden Festival, Brackley Carnival and Brent respect Festival.

Two years later Yacine has found a prime location every sunday at the UpMarket on Dray walk in London, it was an instant success. People lined up for the Fantastic crèpes that Yacine lovingly crafted using an old recipe.

After 4 years of hard work, Yacine decided to bring to your doorsteps all his experience, technique and speed, which has become well known and loved in many markets and events around London.


‘ Crèpes Delice has been a regular favourite at the Sunday Upmarket since the market’s early days, and continues to go from strength to strength serving up a delicious variety of crèpes made in front of you. Fresh, tasty and traditional, Crèpes Delice epitomizes the excellent standard of food at the Upmarket’.

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"Crèpes delice had the most delicious pancakes I have ever tasted"
"The service was top class and always with a smile!"

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' Crèpes Delice provided an efficient and colourful European presence to our Global Festival Day, with a pancake selection both sweet and savoury to suit all tastes. The only complaint I had was that they ran out of ingredients near the end of the afternoon which is a compliment in itself in that the product was all too delicious!'

“I was extremely pleased with the service provided by Crèpes Delice at a joint birthday party for my husband's 50th and daughter's 21st. The crèpes were a surprise and Yacine was very helpful in keeping the secret.
The prices were extremely competitive, the crèpes delicious and plentiful. Yacine arrived in plenty of time to set up and did not leave until he was convinced everyone had eaten enough. He was cheerful but professional throughout.
Our guests thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I would have no hesitation in using Crèpes Delice again.”


Nicky Ezer
LB Camden Arts and Tourism officer.
Senior Officer Camden Centre
Culture and Environment
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